Pa-Auk Meditation Centre (Singapore)

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Application to Stay & Practise at the Centre

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Application to Stay & Practise at the Centre

1. A male yogi (ordained or otherwise) who wishes to stay and practise at PAMC should submit an “Application to Stay and Practise” Form  to the PAMC Admissions Committee.

Request for  “Application to Stay and Practise” Form may be made to the Office , or by email to: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it .

Please note that owing to space constraints, accommodation that may be available at the Centre  is, at best,  limited.

2. An approval to stay is conditional upon the applicant signing a declaration, accepting and undertaking to abide by PAMC’s Rules and Regulations. The declaration by the applicant will include the following:

- he will practise according to the system of meditation taught at Pa-Auk Tawya, as based upon instructions found in the Pali  Buddhist texts, and attend regular interviews with the Resident Teacher.

- (For a non-Singaporean only): he holds a valid visa. He undertakes not to participate in any way whatsoever in the political affairs of Singapore, and that he will remain at the Centre for the entire duration of his visa.

- he will respect and follow the Resident Teacher's instructions as well as the Management’s advice, where applicable;

-he undertakes to restrain the use of mobile phones/devices on the Centre’s compound as these can cause distractions and hindrances to meditation.
- he undertakes  not to cause any disturbance. Failure to do so may cause the Admissions Committee to rescind the permission           granted to stay at the Centre. Any costs incurred for applicant to leave will be his responsibility.

- he will not hold the Centre and its Management liable for any mishap or injury (physical or mental), and damages to or loss of personal property that may occur during his stay and practice at the Centre.

3. The Admissions Committee may approve the duration of stay, from a few days up to a month, on a case by case basis. For yogi who wishes to stay longer, subsequent requests for extensions will be reviewed, with each extension valid up to maximum of a month.

4. An approval grants yogi the permission to stay and practise at the Centre with accommodation, two meals and allowable beverages provided. All other requirements (e.g. medical/dental care, transportation and visa/s) are yogi's personal responsibility. Please ensure that suitable funds are available for them.

5. Prior approval must be received before yogi proceeds to the Centre.

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